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New WordPress theme

Today we changed the WordPress theme to “Twenty Fourteen“. We previously used “Gateway” but were having some issues with the manu/navigation not working properly on iphone.

Suggestions or ideas for better theme or simple enhancements to the site is very welcome! Get in touch via


sthlmhw website after


sthlmhw website before

Internetfonden sponsors SthlmHW live streaming

Internetfonden joins as sponsor for “Stockholm Hardware”, a non-profit monthly meetup aimed to boost the community around Hardware. The sponsorship will help create high-quality live-streaming and video archives of the monthly events, greatly enhancing the value of the meetup beyond just Stockholm.

Rickard DahlstrandRickard Dahlstrand of IIS (The Internet Foundation In Sweden) explains; “The purpose of Internetfonden is to use Internet to the benefit of the public, and that is very much aligned with Stockholm Hardware’s aim of building a strong community around hardware. Our sponsorship will help ensure the physical monthly meetup continues to happen, while extending the reach and value of the community through live-streaming and video archives.”.

sune kaaeSune Kaae, co-organizer of Stockholm Hardware continues: “Internetfonden’s support will help us take the monthly event to the next level and reach new audiences across Sweden and globally. It will help us deliver on our goal of building a broad community; beginners & experts, engineers & creatives, startups & enterprises. Everyone.”

intern  sthlmhw

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